Farmers want high quality mowing, exemplary forage preservation, reliable equipment, higher work output, more working comfort through the introduction of new automatisms… demands that are met by the teams at KUHN, at the design stage of their new machines.

Jean-Marie Christ, KUHN's hay/silage making product manager

« Our hay and silage making equipment contribute to KUHN's worldwide status »
« Hay and silage making is one of KUHN's historical activities. It has played an important part in the development of the company worldwide. Its mower conditioners, gyrotedders and gyrorakes are among the products the most distributed from our range around the world. These results can be explained by KUHN's professionalism and the reliability of the machines. In addition, KUHN has a great capacity for innovation, providing the changes that farmers require, and anticipating their needs. This year for example, KUHN has introduced the new rotor with straight pivoting fingers, on mounted mower conditioners, and the new system on semi-mounted gyrotedders, which lifts the front of the rotors slightly while moving, to avoid ground scraping. Our objective has always been to improve our equipment, while ensuring the same level of reliability and functionality that has always been expected of KUHN ».

Jean-Marie Roos, KUHN's baler and wrapper product sales manager

« Improve the quality of work and machine capacity »
« Our primary objective is to improve our products and work quality, with equipment such as pre-stretchers with tapered aluminum rollers for our wrappers, which optimize the bale wrapping process, or the Progressive Density system on our balers which ensures the right tightness around the bale without compressing the inside. Another one of our objectives is to make the machines more user-friendly, by introducing more automatisms for example, and increasing working capacity in order to boost work output. We also make sure that we have a wide range of balers and wrappers on offer so that each farmer can find the exact model they need at KUHN. We are very attentive to our customers' expectations, thanks to our sales and marketing teams, our dealers and all company personnel in contact with farmers, who give us feedback ».

  • GF 10802 T
  • Semi-mounted gyrotedder
  • Quality tedding for quick drying forage: small diameter rotors
  • Simple adaptation to the type of forage: no tools required for pitch angle adjustment
  • Optimized raking and ground contouring in the direction of travel: wheels close to tine arms
  • Reliable and long lasting: high capacity rotors with reinforced seals
  • No maintenance: DIGIDRIVE rotor drive
  • Compact and reliable: transport undercarriage in forward position and large wheels
  • Edges and slopes made easier: hydraulic setting to oblique position as standard
  • FC 313 D
  • Mounted disc mower-conditioner
  • Switch to wide spreading or single swathing in less than 3 minutes: wide spreading integrated
  • Perfect ground contouring: pendulum type articulation and LIFT-CONTROL hydro-pneumatic suspension
  • Ideal for long, heavy forage or forage at an advanced stage of maturity: mobile steel tine conditioner
  • Low power requirement and cost saving: Non-Stop safety release and LIFT-CONTROL suspension
  • Cutter bar protection , fast, lower maintenance cost: PROTECTADRIVE safety
  • Rapid adaptation to mowing conditions: easy ground pressure adjustment, controlled by pressure gauge
  • Easier swathing : built-in hydraulic lift system
  • Driver comfort: mower unit transport suspension
  • RW 1800 C
  • Bale wrapper
  • Bale preservation: careful loading by loading arm built into the wrapping table
  • Improved forage preservation and reduced consumption of plastic film on flat ends: 3D wrapping with plastic film application in the binding direction (as an option)
  • Robust design: satellite wrapping system protected by twin mast
  • High working speed: fast rotation of twin satellite, up to 50 to 60 bales per hour
  • Automatic setting of the machine, table and loading arm into working/transport position: AUTOSWITCH
  • Totally automatic wrapping cycle: AUTOLOAD
  • User friendly: bale loaded in the direction of the bale drop
  • RW 1600 C
  • Bale wrapper
  • Improved forage preservation: bale placed on flat end to reduce plastic damage and bale collapse (as an option)
  • Quality wrapping: 3 belts and 2 drive rollers provide more stability and even rotation
  • Independent machine: side loading arm, rear dropr
  • Totally automatic wrapping cycle: AUTOLOAD
  • User friendly: automatic mechanical film cutter with reset system during the cycle